Sunday, November 22, 2009

Old PLT vs New PLT

Apparently being an XO was not enough work for Michael, so he is now a platoon leader as well! His company was tasked to create a special escort/security platoon, and since they had no one to lead it...Michael stepped up to the task (missions will be split between him and his CO perhaps). Anywho, that's the latest and greatest about Nulkie. He's busy busy busy but he says November has flown by for him which is awesome! I think someone is secretly excited to be outside the wire as well :) For all of you who don't speak army, that means he leaves the forward operating base (aka the FOB) and goes out into varous places around Baghdad. His wife is not so excited however (but I'm still supportive). The good news is, he finally decided to shave off his mustache. I wholly embrace that decision and give it two thumbs up. Here he is with the new platoon versus his first platoon in Bandog. Notice the size difference! He still the biggest guy in each one though. And the best looking, obviously! We love you Michael!! 2 mths wahooo! xoxo


Anonymous said...

my bandog platoon was pretty much the size of sapper company! haha. rock out.

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