Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fat or Fluffy?

See any resemblance? Poor little Winstyface. The dog is literally afraid of his own shadow. Eating out of his bowl is a feat of courage for this little guy every meal (the clinking of his collar on the bowl scares him). If a pan drops on the floor, forget it. Winsty's outta there like a flash! SO i was talking about Winsty to Michael the other day and accidentally let it slip that he's now 37 lbs. Which may be 6 lbs more than when Michael deployed. So lets just say the reaction was not so good. "What!! He was 31 lbs when i left!! It's bad enough he's scared of me..now he's fat!" So then the conversation proceeded to go where it always goes..."Laurie, we need new dogs. Real dogs!" Ah yes, a "real" dog in Nulkie's mind is a big beastly german shepard. Aka a manly dog. Anyways i tried to argue that Winsty just needs a haircut...i'm sure there are like 5 lbs of puff on this dog right now. I didn't get very far with that, but how can you not love this little guy! He's my very own Eeyore! PS were not getting german shepards...guess who walks them? And the bigger the dog, the bigger the dump. gross.


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fat dog

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