Thursday, November 5, 2009

Are you PT?

And by PT, yes, I do indeed mean potty training. I've decided to go ahead and attempt at conditioning Gabe to the potty. Yes he is only 9 mths old. Yes he can't talk or stand on his own, but he can but i say the sooner the better! Unfortunately I cannot take credit for this genius idea... it came from The Baby Whisperer- only the most fabulous book of all time. So anyways the whisperer points out hisotical stats (yay) that babies in the 50s were usually all trained by the average is over 2 yrs! Are we as parents getting dumber? Are our children? I would like to argue no, i just think we put off the inevitable. Soooo i've decdied to test out whisperer's theory (she says to start at 9 mths, after each feeding and once in the morning and at night). So far Gabe is doing decent. We've had some fantastic days with lots of cheering and excitement, and days where he sits there and stares at me like why am I sitting on this thing again? Anyways i thought i'd share with everyone. I'll spare you the photo of him on the potty even though it's pretty much the best thing ever. I think I have to restrain myself since poor Gabe needs a little privacy! Now that I've shared my latest endeavour with Gabe you can all keep checking my blog for updates on his performance! Wooo Hoo!


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